Are you and your sweetheart feeling disconnected and distant from each other?

Roommates to Romance - Marriage Coaching Program is here to help you Connect on a Deeper Level, Strengthen your Emotional Bond and Rekindle Passion in your Marriage. 

These 30 Minutes Can Change Your Life

What you will Learn from Roommates to Romance Coaching

              Adjusting the way you think... Can change everything

I am so passionate about helping You reignite Your love 

using the insights I've gained from my personal journey in marriage. Corkie

About Your Coach

For years, I was unhappy in my marriage, feeling alone... even when we were together I felt alone. Disconnection and a lack of communication replaced laughter with silence, draining the fun from our relationship.  Constant blaming, criticizing and disapproval were the only words we spoke.   I was so hungry for love from him, I wondered if we had "pasted the point of no return".

Over 14 years, we sought help from eight different marriage counselors. The last one suggested divorce, prompting me to take matters into my own hands. In the early '90s, before "Just Google it" became common, I researched workshops, books, and valuable information to salvage our marriage.

Applying what I learned, our relationship improved. I stood my ground but witnessed a transformation; my spouse grew more loving, respectful, and eager to spend time with me.  He actually said to me one day..."What's going on...All of your Ammo is down?"  It was noticeable to him that we were becoming a loving couple again!  We shared a loving marriage for his remaining 21 years, attending our children's weddings and cherishing our grandchildren. 

I'm remarried now, and my husband Dennis is so fun, loving and kind.  I'm so grateful every day that  we live our Romantic Love Story every day.

From what I've leaned in rescuing my own marriage It's such a joy for me in my life to help other marriages find Love, Happiness, and continued connection that they've been so hungry for.

It can change Your Marriage

June 2015 Soul Life Times Magazine

In this magazine, Corkie tells a story that shows herg passion for having Determination in Life.  "Magic's Determination" is her story of how her horse "Magic" taught her a valuable lesson in Life, Love and Determination.

     Jay Abraham

The 9 Billion Dollar Mann

Corkie is a Co-Producer of  The Jay Abraham Story "Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got" The Jay Abraham Story. 

Corkie Is a Certified Coach Through Jack Canfield's Challenging Training.

She also has written a Best Selling  Book  with Jack Canfield       "Mastering the Art of Success"

Jack Canfield is the Author of   "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

           What if...There was a way to have that                                   Spark back and become a                         Loving couple once more? Let's chat...


Thank you Corkie, for helping Me Find and Focus on My Greatness Within! 

Collette W.

Corkie, You have helped Me Make major breakthroughs in my life.  You're Brilliant, Inspiring and Caring!  I highly Recommend you. 

Sherry S.

Feng Shui Professional 

Corkie has shown me how to remove the obstacles that were stopping me from having the life I wanted!

Thank You For this life-changing experience! 

JC Smith

Financial Consultant

Corkie, I just wanted you to know that what you've been teaching me has been helping me so much more than anything else I've tried.  I want you to know how much I appreciate you. I've been remembering what you've taught me and many good things are happening for me now that I'm using them. Also, "The let go techniques" are working great. Thank you so much.                           Medical Professional R.S. 4/8/23


These 30 Minutes Can Change Your Life