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you once had

About Your Coaches

With 79 years of field research we have found the perfect recipe for what works in a marriage. We both were married before. Dennis for 36 and Corkie 39 years when she became a widow. Plus our marriage of 5 years.

Most likely we were just like you years ago. Focusing on the children or on your career. The problem usually begins with feeling all alone, even when you're together. Disconnected and Not heard. Laughter becomes silence or you find yourself so serious you're no fun anymore. That's when the relationship gets put on the back burner. Communication breaks down, and you loose that special connection. There are real world problems facing marriages today that need real solutions. You most likely want to feel Free to be yourself, laughing, joking and playing. Every marriage is unique, and we've found common problems that have step by step solutions to bring you back to where you once were. It's as simple as having a new and different thought. We call it "Thinking in a Certain Way" Easy, Simple and light hearted changes. Our goal is to bring communication & healthy life stye back into your marriage.

Corkie Mann & Dennis Galloway

June 2015

In this magazine she tells a story that shows her passion for having Determination in Life. "Magics Determination"

Jay Abraham

The 9 Billion Dollar Mann

Corkie is a Co-Producer of The Jay Abraham Story "Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got" The Jay Abraham Story.

Corkie Is a Certified Coach Through Jack Canfield's Challenging Training.

She also has written a Best Selling Book with Jack Canfield "Mastering the Art of Success"

Jack Canfield is the Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"


Thank you for helping Me Find and Focus On My Greatness Within!

Collette W.

You have helped Me Make major breakthroughs in my life. You're Brilliant, Inspiring and Caring! I highly Recommend you

Sherry S.

Feng Shui Professional

You have Helped me remove the obstacles that were stopping me from having the life I wanted!

Thank You For this life-changing experience!

JC Smith

Financial Consultant

Here's a Text we Recently received

I just wanted you to know that what you've been teaching me has been helping me more than anything else I've tried. I want you to know how much I appreciate you. I've been remembering what you've taught me and many good things are happening for me now that I'm using them. Also, "The let go techniques" are working great. Thank you. R.S.